From Bureaucracy to Agility: Leirirede Success Story

Country: Portugal
Industry: Retail and Manufacturing
Implementation Partner: Arxi
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Invoicing, Accounting, Purchase, Leaves
Number of Users: 23
Company Size: 40-50
Implementation Type: On-Premise

About the Leirirede Group

Founded in 2005, the Leirirede Group is comprised of companies working in two different fields; office supplies and manufacturing. The companies operating within the manufacturing field are specialists in constructing and producing doors, gates, automatic mechanisms, aluminum window frames, kitchens and custom made wardrobes. The companies operating in the other segment are specialists in providing office supplies to schools, auditoriums, public institutions and hotels. The group is multi-company, operates in multi-currency and has the majority of its administration service based in Portugal. Leirirede’s primary focus is establishing long lasting relationships with its customers whilst also providing a customised follow up service. 

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Bureaucracy: the enemy of progress

The performance of the commercial team was one of the main challenges faced by Leirirede before implementing Odoo. In the early days of operation, the group had established a bureaucratic internal process. In addition, the group used a mix of different software systems. For accounting and invoicing, an external system was used and other tasks were completed with an internal management system. Due to the use of various software systems, information was repeated several times on different platforms and employees had a difficult time following up with customers’ orders. This caused the sales process to be complex, slow and prone to mistakes. 

Waiting Room

From Bureaucracy to Agility

In order to improve the performance of the commercial team, Leirirede with the help of Arxi, implemented Odoo. The apps implemented produced a complete transformation; from first contact with the customer (CRM), to the accounting and registration of payments (Accounting), to the visualisation of orders (Sales), to the invoicing and communication with customers. Implementing Odoo enabled Leirirede to transform its internal process to be more agile. As a result, customer relationships were optimised leading to reduced complaints. 

Whilst the CRM app optimised the relationship between customers, the Purchase app provided the same results for Leirirede’s relationship with its suppliers. Having documents easily accessible for all involved in the supply chain created much better flow of communication. Human Resources is another area that improved following the implementation of Odoo. With the Attendance module, employees can log the time they sign in and out in real time and the Leaves module made it much easier to manage employees’ time off. 

Manufacturing is an integral part of Leirirede group’s operations and was an area identified as requiring digitalisation. Leirirede wanted to manage their production and delivery process in a synchronised way with their Sales and Logistics departments. With the Manufacturing, Inventory and Sales apps, the group can now manage all processes on one platform. The operational reports generated add huge value that now enable the administration to make informed decisions.

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Life with Odoo

Leirirede found the greatest change was how easy it became to switch between different tasks for the two different areas of business. In addition, employees could now save time by simply removing repeated tasks and as a result sales volumes have increased creating additional time for Leirirede to develop commercial relationships. Communication with both customers and suppliers is now more fluid and integrated making it easier for the group to answer quickly to customers. Leirirede asked employees what they valued most about Odoo and they received the following results;

Necessary Features

Arxi has played a central role in the success of Leirirede’s transition to Odoo. The group has found the Arxi team extremely competent, easy to work with and always available to answer questions and manage expectations. For implementation, Arxi used a step by step strategy meaning apps were implemented in line with the business needs. Over the next couple of years, Arxi and Leirirede’s target is to implement an eCommerce platform and to automate the marketing process on Odoo.


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